Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of our website elaborates the collection of personal data from users when they use At Food Articles, we look forward to keeping the privacy concerns of our visitors our primary priority. This is why we have designed this Privacy Policy page to enlighten our frequent visitors with the nature of the information we collect from them and how we use it.  

As a side note, you should know that by using the Food Articles website, you consent to the privacy policy formulated by our platform. So, it would be best to read and understand our privacy policy first.   

What Sort of Information Do We Gather? 

Whenever a netizen uses our website, publishes anything on it, advocates for our newsletter, purchases a membership, answers a survey, or fills out any other form on our platform, our systems automatically collect their personal information.  

You may be asked to enter your details whenever you decide to use our website for filling out a form, responding to a survey, or doing anything else. Moreover, you may also be asked to enter your other personal details, such as your email address, phone number, residential address, or credit card details.  

Apart from that, we also gather information about the regular website usage that is not, otherwise, personally identifiable. However, all these measures are adopted to enhance the user experience accessible at our platform and also improve the website’s interface, if required.   

How Do We Use the Collected Information? 

Any personal data that may be collected by our website’s servers can be used in any of the following ways: 

  • To enhance our platform’s interface, if needed. 
  •  To serve the regular user of Food Articles, and also of other websites.  
  • To send productive and informational emails to our users, provided that they have advocated our email newsletter or purchased any membership.  
  • To contact our users by email or phone if they are interested in Food Articles’ membership or other exciting events.  
  • To ensure the occurrence of smooth transactions.  
  • To manage an online survey or any other distinctive feature of our website. 

The email address that you provide us will be used to send you the most recent updates of our website, Food Articles. However, if you wish to unsubscribe from his feature at any time, you can conveniently do it as well. Furthermore, you should also note that your personal information can be transferred, exchanged, or given to third parties, without your consent, for any particular reason.  

Does Our Website Use Cookies? 

Cookies are such files that every service provider or website transfers to its computer’s hard drive from its users’ web browser. Such files enable the website owners to identify your device’s browser and collect and store certain information for future ease.  

As far as our website is concerned, yes, we also collect cookies from our users’ web browsers, provided that they allow us to do so. Nevertheless, the cookies we collect are utilized to gather aggregate data concerning the website traffic and website interaction to ensure a better user experience for our users.  

Apart from that, we may also contact third parties to comprehend our website’s traffic better. However, in such a case, these service providers are not allowed to utilize the collected information in any other way except for helping us improve our business.   

Can a Visitor Use Our Website Anonymously? 

Yes, one can also use our platform anonymously. Food Articles would not collect any personal information from its users unless they chose to provide us with that information in any way. For more information, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].  

Last Updated: 26th February 2022