Food “Write For Us”

Food Articles always looks forward to welcoming innovative content writers and journalists who possess the ability to provide top-quality content. That being said, we are open to accepting passionate and professional writers, editors, and wordsmiths who have experience in food policies, health and nutrition, food recipes, food justice, and sustainable agriculture. All such individuals are encouraged to apply and get in touch with us with their work.  

Significance of the Write For Us Program 

Undoubtedly, practicing as a guest author is an excellent way to get exposure and learn new things. Keeping that in mind, it would be best to consider our Write For Us program if you come up with an exceptionally unique recipe idea, a food thought from one of your recent travels, or a relevant opinion pitch.  

Moreover, you can also check the availability criteria on our website if you wish to apply for a writing or research practicum.   

Food “Write For Us” Writing Guidelines

The following writing guidelines should be kept in mind while composing a good article. These guidelines will help you design your blog post in a unique and effective manner.  

  • The main point or ‘hook’ of the article should be made clear and discussed in the introduction.  
  • You should also add bullet points to support the idea of why the topic of your article would be of interest to our dedicated readers.  
  • The article you come up with should be related to food and agriculture, particularly to something that has not been covered before on our website.  
  • Including potential sources, such as reference links and relevant reports, is also an effective way to support and validate your articles. 
  • For the purpose of interviewing, please also add the idea of your blog post and your contact details when you submit your article. 

Submission Guidelines 

It would be best to follow the following submission guidelines while submitting a guest post to our editorial team.  

  • Try to keep the title of your guest post as creative and exciting as possible.  
  • The ideal article length for submitting a sample guest post should be around 800 words.  
  • While referring to other internal or external sources, it would be best to make effective use of hyperlinks.  
  • The guest post that you wish to submit should be well-organized, structured, and free from plagiarism. The article would be rejected immediately upon detection of plagiarism by our plagiarism checking software.  
  • You can even support your guest post by adding relevant images with appropriate citations and captions for clarification.  
  • The optimum length of a sentence should not be more than 20 words while composing and editing a blog post.  
  • A wise approach would be to enlighten us with your bio and a brief introduction while submitting an article to our editorial team. 

Which Niche Should One Write-On? 

Cooking undeniably covers an extensive range of distinct topics and niches. As you might have noticed, Food Articles is not only about recipes; we always have a lot to say about food! So, whether you wish to discuss commercial cooking, give your opinion on a newly-opened restaurant, review a trending kitchen appliance, or say something in general about food, health, or nutrition, feel free to get in touch with us! 

Nevertheless, please make sure that the blog post that you provide us concerns the ideas mentioned above. As a general idea, here are some of the topics on which you can write:  

  • Food Recipes 
  • Baking Methods 
  • Nutrition 
  • Healthy Living 
  • Dieting 
  • Travel Plans 
  • Product Reviews 
  • Parties

Contact Us 

We hope you will be clear on our Write For Us program once you read the above-mentioned guidelines. For article submission or further queries, contact us at [email protected].

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